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General Chat Thread, The positive side to working in IT within schools. in General; It's a great environment to work in. Relaxed, with no profit guided nonsense. For me the big part is giving ...
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    It's a great environment to work in. Relaxed, with no profit guided nonsense.

    For me the big part is giving something back to the community, and helping the next generation.

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    What they said!

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    Thinks most folks have said it already but definitely these points:

    The sense of achievement and being part of something that really is important (not money profit based)

    The wide eyed curiosity and willingness to learn from the children.

    A place where "please" and "thank you" really do matter and do occasionally happen

    The occasional quick hug I get as a reward from one pupil who I've known as a sort of foster little sister for years.

    There really is nothing quite like it...

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    Mine is opportunity. Working in schools has given me the opportunity to gain experience. I didn't have a lot going for me in the way of experience and didn't have any real ICT related qualifications. I was lucky enough to get a job working in Birmingham in an excellent ICT dept. The boss there showed me the sort of pressure you can be under in a school and the things i learnt from him set me in good stead.

    I worked hard and put a lot of hours in and learnt a ton of stuff at home. and now i work in a primary school looking after the network, website and ICT hardware as well as support the Teaching Staff. We have 3 2003 servers, 2 OS X severs, a smoothwall box and 25 imacs dual booted with 15 macbooks also dual booted with each classroom having a mac mini and a projector and whiteboard in (around ten in total). There is only me and so things can get a bit rough but generally its great. I love my job and to se how the kids develop in ICT is rewarding in itself because after all at the end of the day its fo the littlie ones

    The boss fully spports me and my decisions and advice. I don't think i would get this sort of respect in the ICT sector out of schools.

    Thanks for listening.

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    First and foremost, I love the sense of freedom in my job.
    As others have said, there's no-one breathing down your neck all the time, or looking over your shoulder complaining about Targets and Goals; anyone who's had a job where there was a big-headed a$$ of a Manager who did this all day every day wil know what I mean, and how crappy it makes you feel.

    The non-professional approach.
    I think it'll depend on the school, but certianly here our IT department and other Staff don't interact in the "Professional" way you would expect in a business of some sort; everyone and everything is very casual, and pressure only ever comes from ourselves giving deadlines to things we need to do.

    Only we can do the job.
    It's a nice feeling to know that, aside from other members of the IT department, no-one else in the school has any clue about 95% of what we do. If a teacher is off, another teacher can cover. If we are off, they are screwed if anything goes wrong with the IT. OK, that's a big-headed statement, but it's true.

    I can't think of anywhere outside of an eduation environment where I could have access to, learn about, maintain and give training on;

    Many makes and models of Projector
    Interactive Whiteboards
    PCs of many different specs and OS's
    Laptops / Notebooks of many different specs and OS's
    Many makes and models of Printer
    SO much software it's not even funny
    Server 2003
    Server 2008
    Linux distro's
    Any other OS I care to download and play with
    PC/laptop/projector repair
    Policy writing
    Management meetings
    Virtual Learning Platform maintenance / design / content
    Website maintenance / design / content
    Network infrastructure
    Wireless network planning and implementation
    Wired network planning and implementation
    Scripting / programming as and when I want to use it
    Active Directory and all its componants
    Daily troubleshooting for staff
    PDA's and other mini-devices such as the eeePC
    Being the guy to go to for advice on anything
    Providing training for staff on any and all of the above!
    Helping the children to learn
    Helping the staff to learn
    Lesson assistance / planning assistance / resource creatio
    Touch-screen and Digital Sinage software
    Backup planning and Implementation

    and there's probably a lot more than that as well.

    The gratitude that (most) people display, even for the things that are (to you) simple.

    The holidays (being term-time only). OK, so there hasn't been a holiday yet where I didn't go in and do a few days work (and we all know how much better a days' work is when there's no other staff around) but it's nice having a week's break every 6 or 7 throughout the year.

    Lastly, when you get a slow day (i.e. hardly anyone comes in for help, such as an INSET day) and you get the whole day to do whatever the hell you want, with the knowledge that you are getting paid for it

    When I started at the school, and there wasn't anything much in the way ICT, I figured I'd be there for a year, get bored, and generally treat it as a stepping stone to a bigger better job. 18 months in, never have a boring day, never hate having to get up and go to work, and can't imagine doing anything else right now.

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