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General Chat Thread, Interested In what path to take? in General; Hello, I've just signed up here at these forums. I am just curious what job for when I'm older I ...
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    Interested In what path to take?

    Hello, I've just signed up here at these forums.
    I am just curious what job for when I'm older I should aim for?
    I want a job in IT, either a teacher or technician.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I can't speak for the teacher side of things....

    but I can say I'm happy with my job even with its shortcomings (thankless, pay etc), and I'm glad I had the guts to leave uni and go for it.

    Best advice I can give you assuming your old/young enough for the connextions service is talk to a career advisor there (one 2 one meetings are the most productive) and they will talk you through your options and what jobs involve/what people actually do them say.

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    Depends what you're into as to what path you'll want to take.

    Teaching ICT is a whole different career to being a technician/network manager.

    If you want to go into the technical side, I would get a well qualified as you can, as competition for even basic technical roles is quite high owing to the number of students rolling out universities in the last 10 years with IT related qualifications. Experience is often equally as important as qualifications, so any chance for work experience in a IT related role, take it - even if it's volunteer work. Also I'm presuming you're still at school, so never be afraid to ask questions to the technical team at your school. Providing it doesn't compromise their system, I expect a lot will be quite pleased that someone's actually interested in the technical side, and will happily answer your questions and show off their server room to you, I know I'm only to pleased when students show an interest where I work, and they may even let you help out if you're lucky.


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    Being a Teacher is totally different to being a Network Manager/Technician etc, so it really depends on what area your interested in most.

    I dont know what quals you have already, but i would recommend you go and grab your A+, N+ to start you off and get on the hunt for a Tech role. Its not easy in this current climate though, which i am sure your aware off.

    If it becomes difficault, while your studying see if you can grab a voluntary job in a community center or something to get your self some expeirience as that does count for alot.

    I know of some Network Managers/Technicians who also Teach IT to adults again this is very possible and then you get the best of both worlds.

    I kind of mis-read your post, alot of what i said is very very possible as (i may be wrong) but i am guessing when you just leave school you wont have many bills to pay, so working voluntary for a few days would suite you just fine and get you some very good experience. I started of by helping our IT Support Team in the holidays when i was at school, and yes i may not of got anything "Payment Wise" i gained knowledge i would not of got for free anywhere else.

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    Do a basic IT course like A+ or even ECDL. If you are unable to do them or find them hard, become an ICT Teacher

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    I used to be an ict teacher and now I am a network manager. Trust me they are very different.

    To be a teacher you have to have the personality to deal with groups of people. Many people say you can learn it but I believe that you have to have it in your makeup. You can be trained to improve but its a calling.

    Computer and network maintenance is a lonely job in comparison you have to be precise and methodical and patient. You have to have broad shoulders as you get ignored and then blamed because its gone wrong.

    Remember many it careers exist and keep your training general until you have decided what is best for you. General ict skills can also be used in many other jobs so if you do decide that ict is not the career for you you have not wasted a lot of time and money.

    Good Luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomasOfficial View Post
    I want a job in IT, either a teacher or technician.
    It's likely that those are simply two jobs that you have some experience of, seeing people do them every day at school. How old are you - are you now starting GCSE, or A-level, are you planning to go on to university at some point? Becoming a teacher requires a degree and halfway decent maths and English results, by the time you've got those you'll probably have thought of some other career options.

    David Hicks

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