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General Chat Thread, New Office Help in General; Hi everyone, We are currently in the process of relocating a number of offices in our school. Part of this ...
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    New Office Help

    Hi everyone,

    We are currently in the process of relocating a number of offices in our school. Part of this process is the possible relocation of the I.T. Support office.

    Currently a very small room which is long and thin. Two techs and a NM share the room with just enough room on each of their desks to put two laptops next to one another.

    The room we are looking to relocate too is much bigger but of course wanted by a number of other departments!

    Can anyone give me some ideas as to points that we could use to argue why we need a bigger office?

    Many thanks

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    Without enough room to move a mouse clearly and efficiently you may end up "accidently" deleting someones work??? Specifically the work of anyone else who wants the room. BOFH it!!!

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    If you are working for any decent amount of time, using a laptop is a big no-no under health and safety rules, unless it is mounted on a desk mount unit, with external mouse and keyboard in order to produce a more ergonomic working position.

    My working area is currently a countertop roughly 10ft long and 2 1/2 ft deep. Compared to my old office which gave me about 3 foot of space to work in.

    If you want to point out that having space makes it easier for you to repair machines, as you can set up equipment easier (I have a wall mounted monitor, a keyboard and a mouse all sat in a spot I use for bringing broken computers to, and it just needs me to plug them in, saving time).

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    Somewhere I've found a recommended minimum volume per person for an office (HSE or our Safety consultants). I can't see it now, but will keep looking!

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    You need enough room to have around 4 ft of desk space per person (and 6ft of depth to allow chairs plus enough desk space to accomodate a few PC's under repairs. Also space for storage.

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    is there any nw gear in there? servers? is the volume created above HS regs? too hot according to H&S? is the location of the new office more centeralized? do you have store rooms scattered around the school that hold paperwork that could be moved to the new office? do you have lots of meetings with contractors, reps, sales ppl? and is the current office to crap (for lack of a better word)?

    just make sure they put the desk at the right height and depth!!! ours arnt in our pretty office :P

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