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General Chat Thread, Pay rate and holiday allowance ??? in General; ...
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    As someone in a senior technician role (I'm between the NM and the other technicians), I'm on pay range 5 in my area, which currently works out to 24,412 - 26,516.

    I get 23 days holiday. My contract states this must be taken during school closure periods, though in practice I am permitted to take it largely when I choose.

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    Here (A NottsCC Technology College), we have no "network manager", we have a Snr Tech (myself 10yrs - Scale 5) and 2 technicians (both on Scale 3, been here 3 and 6 years)

    We are'nt allowed to take time off at all during term-time, and as from last summer, only 2 weeks in the summer. Ideally I would work as much as the summer as possible, if we could take a week off term-time. As like all schools, the summer holiday is when most projects get done.

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    When I was a tech, I was on term time plus 2 weeks. No time off allowed at all during term time. Same restrictions and hours apply though I'm not really on the tech team anymore, I assist a member of SLT with his workload after the team was cut down and I moved departments.

    Salary is about 16-17k a year. No idea how much I'd get full time but

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    Here in Luton myself and the Techie are term-time only + 1 week, so in theory we get all of the school holidays except for 5 days which we work outside of termtime when we want to. In pratice, we end up being owed at least 15 days of time off in lieu for all the work we actually have to do in holidays which (as we all here know) just can't get done during term time with the systems being in use all day every day.

    As "ICT Manager" I get a little over 18k a year, which isn't too awful considering it is only supposed to be for 40-odd weeks of working time.

    Me and the Techie are looking into getting a job evaluation and asking for ful-time contracts as we so obviously need at least 4 week's worth more of working time than we are currently contracted for, and we now have 2 years' worth of proof of that!
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