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General Chat Thread, Personal Computer World (UK) Magazine bites the dust in General; Originally Posted by Gibbo The columnists were good, especially Tim Nott. +1. ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    The columnists were good, especially Tim Nott.


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    That is a shame, been a subscriber for quite a few years. Not that it's particularly great however, I think I've read everything I want to read in it in half hour. But it tused to be good

    Was the first PC magazine I ever bought, in the mid 90's - had my first half decent computer and bought the fattest magazine with what looked like the most free 'stuff' on the floppies...and that turned out to be PCW. Did use to make me laugh how it was like an inch and a half thick with 98% adverts

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    Got what must be the last edition through the post on Saturday - sad to see it go - though as stated - it has dipped in quality recently

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    I used to read it avidly in the early 80's, because that's just about all there was then. The teenage mags like ZZap 64 hadn't come along yet.

    This is when 'personal' computers (IBM PCs) were only owned by businesses, because few individuals could afford them.

    PCW was my education, through it I learned a lot about how computers were used by grown-ups for business.

    Sitting for hours typing in and debugging BASIC code into whatever 8-bit machine I had at the time. Anyone remember that?

    It was the size of a small phone book and full of ads for business IT, photocopiers and the like.

    Having said that, I haven't touched a copy for about 10 years, which is why it's gone the way it has.

    Like Top of the Pops, it was great in it's time, but that time has come and gone.

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