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    Time off for birthing classes

    My wife and I are expecting our first baby in August and itís time to start attending birthing classes. I know dads get 2 weeks paternity leave when the baby is born but the birthing classes are in the day I will need to take time now to attend them. Are dads allowed time off for these classes like mums are or will it be counted as unpaid leave?

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    Depends really on your employer - most are quite good when it comes to family stuff.

    I didn't go to any birthing classes but my employer let me go to both scans which were in the afternoon without using annual leave.

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    I found this on a government website:
    Fathers do not have a legal right to time off to accompany their
    partners to antenatal appointments as the right to paid time off
    only applies to pregnant employees1. However, a father’s
    involvement with his child starts before the birth and many
    men will want to be at some of the antenatal appointments to
    support their partner and to find out what is happening with
    their baby. Many employers recognise how important a time
    this is and let their employees either take paid time off or make
    up the time later." http://www.berr.gov.uk/files/file20795.pdf

    So it seems you are not automatically allowed to attend the classes, I'm afraid

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