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    O'Reilly User Group Newsletter - Issue 04.09 * Promo Code

    Promo Code :OR111 which givesmembers here a 35% discount and free P&P in the UK.

    ================================================== ==============
    User Groups Newsletter
    Issue 04-09
    ================================================== ==============

    In this issue:

    . Tutorials
    . New Releases
    . Your reviews
    . Upcoming Events
    . O’Reilly Conferences News
    . School of Technology
    . News from O’Reilly & Beyond

    O’Reilly and the UKUUG have organized a series of tutorials to benefit all user Groups members and more. These one-day London-based tutorials are taught by the most knowledgeable speakers in their field, among them, you will find – Dave Cross, Jesse Vincent, Jim Reid etc.

    ***Request Tracker (RT) training <http://www.ukuug.org/events/rt/>
    11 August 2009
    ***Advanced DNS training <http://www.ukuug.org/events/dnstutorial09/>
    13th October 2009
    ***Perl Tutorials <http://www.ukuug.org/events/perl09/>
    Introduction to Perl - 24th November 2009
    Intermediate Perl - 25th November 2009
    Advanced Perl Techniques - 26th November 2009

    New Releases
    Don’t forget to use your user group promo code, when buying O’Reilly, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Rocky Nook or YoungJin books directly from O'Reilly Media: Tech Books, Conferences, Courses, News using the UK shopping cart.

    Did you know you can request a free book or PDF to review for your group? Ask your group leader for more information.

    Book review - writing tips and suggestions <http://ug.oreilly.com/bookreviews.html>

    New Releases:

    Android Application Development
    Android Application Development | O'Reilly Media

    The Art of Concurrency
    The Art of Concurrency | O'Reilly Media

    Automating System Administration with Perl, Second Edition
    Automating System Administration with Perl | O'Reilly Media

    Beautiful Security
    Beautiful Security | O'Reilly Media

    The Geek Atlas
    The Geek Atlas | O'Reilly Media

    Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual
    Google SketchUp: The Missing Manual | O'Reilly Media

    Head First Networking
    Head First Networking | O'Reilly Media

    iWork '09: The Missing Manual
    iWork '09: The Missing Manual | O'Reilly Media

    Java Message Service, Second Edition
    Java Message Service | O'Reilly Media

    Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 18
    Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 18 | O'Reilly Media

    Mastering the Nikon D700 (Rocky Nook)
    Mastering the Nikon D700 - O'Reilly Media

    The Passionate Programmer (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
    The Passionate Programmer - O'Reilly Media

    Regular Expressions Cookbook
    Regular Expressions Cookbook | O'Reilly Media

    The Twitter Book
    The Twitter Book | O'Reilly Media

    Using Google App Engine
    Using Google App Engine | O'Reilly Media

    Version Control with Git
    Version Control with Git | O'Reilly Media

    Web 2.0 Architectures
    Web 2.0 Architectures | O'Reilly Media

    MAKE Magazine Subscriptions

    The annual subscription price for four issues is $34.95. When you subscribe with this link, you'll get a free issue--one plus four more for $34.95. So subscribe for yourself or friends with this great offer for UG Members: five volumes for the cost of four.

    Subscribe at: <http://www.makezine.com/go/ugsub>

    Your Reviews

    Head First Rails

    Bash Cookbook

    Building Embedded Linux Systems

    Visualizing Data

    Pragmatic Version Control Using Git

    Learning WCF GL.net - Books
    Apache 2 Pocket Reference Compsoc - Book Reviews - Apache 2 Pocket Reference

    Upcoming Events

    Flashcamp, Birmingham, 16th June
    Flash Camp Birmingham is a completely free event organised by the Midlands Flash Platform User Group. Over an afternoon and evening, experts in Flash, Flex and AIR will share their knowledge through presentations and talks. Come and meet the some of the Adobe team, Community Leaders and network with fellow developers and designers. Whether you’re just getting started with the Flash Platform, or consider yourself a pro, there’s something for you!

    Erlang Factory, London, 22-26 June
    Following the success of the Erlang eXchange last year, the Erlang Factory offers unrivalled Erlang-focused talks, training and networking in Central London. Aimed at Erlang Architects, Programmers, Project managers, Software and Platform Innovators, existing Erlang users as well as Erlang newbies and anyone interested in Erlang, concurrent and sequential programming, the Erlang Factory promises to be an event not to be missed!

    EuroPython, Birmingham, 28 June - 4th July
    Come and listen to: * Bruce Eckel - prolific computer programming author and communicator,
    * Cory Doctorow - science fiction novelist, blogger and technology activist,
    * Professor Sir Tony Hoare - renowned computer scientist,
    * Jim Hugunin - originator of Jython and IronPython.
    and many more.

    OpenTech, London, 4th July
    Back for 2009, OpenTech promises a day of thoughtful talks and conversations with friends. One of the strands we’d like to see running through the day is “working on stuff that matters”, whatever you work on.

    Conferences and Special Events

    User Group Discount Information for our upcoming conferences:

    OSCON 2009
    July 20-24, 2009
    San Jose, CA

    The 2009 O'Reilly Open Source Convention Moves to San Jose, CA--Registration Now Open, So Make Your Plans

    Use code "os09usrg" when you register, and receive 20% off the registration price. Early registration ends on June 2.

    To register for the conference, go to:


    O'Reilly Velocity Conference
    June 22-24, 2009
    The Fairmont San Jose, San Jose, CA

    Attending Velocity makes you competitive immediately because it is rooted in practical application, sending you back to work with a deeper understanding of how the technology and applications you deploy can accelerate performance and deliver a better front end experience.

    Use code "vel09usrg" when you register, and receive 20% off the registration price. Early registration ends on May 3.

    To register for the conference, go to: <https://en.oreilly.com/velocity2009/public/register>

    For a complete list of conferences, go to: <http://conferences.oreilly.com/>

    O'Reilly School of Technology
    O'Reilly School of Technology Courses: UG Members Receive a 30% Discount

    By enrolling in the O'Reilly School of Technology, you can stay competitive in Information Technology without the high cost or huge time commitment. Our courses work around YOUR schedule, not the other way around. And within months, not only will you have the University of Illinois Certificate to display on your resume, you'll also have a portfolio of projects that are sure to impress in your interviews!

    OST's full-price tuitions are already lower than comparable continuing education or community college courses. However, as an O'Reilly User Group member, you save an additional 30% on all the courses in the following University of Illinois Certificate Series:

    -New--Database Administration Certificate
    -Java Programming
    -PHP/SQL Programming
    -Linux/Unix System Administration
    -Web Programming
    -Open Source Programming
    -.NET Programming
    -Client-Side Web Programming featuring AJAX

    To redeem, use Promotion Code "ORALL1" good for a 30% discount, in Step #2 of the enrollment process. Each course comes with a free O'Reilly book and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

    Register online: <http://www.oreillyschool.com/?CMP=BAC-ostug>

    (This discount is not combinable with other offers.)

    News From O'Reilly & Beyond

    Interview of Michael “Monty” Widenius, founder of MySQL and much more.

    Why $9.99 Won’t Always Be an eBook Pricing Ceiling
    <http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2009/05/why-999-wont-always-be-an-eboo.html?utm_content=Newsletter+-+May+27th+&utm_campaign=UG+Mailings&utm_source=iPo st&utm_medium=email>

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    Have you stumbled across any of those Kindle owners who get angry anytime they see an ebook price over $9.99? How about publishers who insist on maintaining their print list price for the e-version? Btw, for the record, at O’Reilly we typically fall somewhere in between; our “digital list price” is generally less than the print list price and, of course, Amazon is free to discount to an even lower price. As a consumer, when I see a Kindle price over $9.99 I’m highly likely to skip it.

    More Geo-Games: Ship Simulator on Google Earth
    At Google I/O 2008 the Google Earth API was released. It brought Google Earth’s 3D capabilities to the web (with the help of browser extensions). Since that release they’ve started supporting Macs. One really nice part of the Google Earth API is the ability to create games in the 3D world.

    Ruby Learning Interview:
    Author DavidGriffiths, “Head First Rails”
    <http://rubylearning.com/blog/2009/05/20/interview-author-david-griffiths/?utm_content=Newsletter+-+May+27th+&utm_campaign=UG+Mailings&utm_source=iPo st&utm_medium=email>

    Scribd Store a Welcome Addition to Ebook Market (and 650 O’Reilly Titles Included)
    <http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/05/scribd-store-a-welcome-additio.html?utm_content=Newsletter+-+May+27th+&utm_campaign=UG+Mailings&utm_source=iPo st&utm_medium=email>

    The document-sharing site Scribd has launched a new “Scribd Store” selling view and download access to documents and books. As part of the launch, there are now more than 650 O’Reilly ebooks now available for preview and sale in the Scribd store, and all include DRM-free PDF downloads with purchase. (Scribd will soon be adding EPUB as a format, and we’ll make that available as soon as possible.)

    Being a Suggested User Leads to Thousands of Twitter Followers
    <http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/05/twitter-suggested-users-list.html?utm_content=Newsletter+-+May+27th+&utm_campaign=UG+Mailings&utm_source=iPo st&utm_medium=email>

    Ever since Twitter started suggesting accounts to new users, it was clear that those on the suggested users list were gaining thousands of followers. Setting aside the fact that number of followers is a poor gauge of influence (see our Twitter report for details), I wanted to know how many followers a suggested account gains by appearing on the list.

    Announcing InsideRIA Conference
    <http://www.insideria.com/2009/05/insideria-the-conference.html?utm_content=Newsletter+-+May+27th+&utm_campaign=UG+Mailings&utm_source=iPo st&utm_medium=email>

    Yep, you heard correctly in association with the 360Conferences guys, InsideRIA is having its first conference August 23-24, 2009 in San Jose, CA at the eBay facilities. This 2-day event will get into the nitty gritty of developing for the Rich Internet Application (RIA) space. Sunday will be hands-on workshops to get you familiar with a few of the RIA platforms. Monday will be a full day of sessions with 3 distinct tracks: Development, Design/User Experience and

    Business Development. All 3 tracks will be aimed at the RIA platform in general.

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