Has anyone actually managed to get through to this joke of a customer services / technical support number ? United Kingdom: 0800 028 1475 (toll free)
Everytime I ring it's closed !! Even when I ring during their USA hours - it's closed !!
I have also sent them countless E-mails / filled in request forms and guess what ? No answer !!!!

I suggest anyone who in the future may be thinking of purchasing some of the Sony Creative Software to steer well clear.
We have a site licence for ACID Music Studio 6.0 but everytime I try and activate it now I get the error message that it's been activated too many times.

I can never see the point of having a web site dedicated to some software in which contact details are placed but then no support actually exsists.
Nice one Sony !!!

I'll now do my normal support E-mail of sending my problem to every single E-mail address I can find on the main Sony Websites thinking I may acually get some sort of responce.....