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General Chat Thread, Photoshop and Hard Drives in General; Now I know I should probably be able to figure this out but I dont want to waste my beer ...
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    Photoshop and Hard Drives

    Now I know I should probably be able to figure this out but I dont want to waste my beer tokens on an expensive drive if I am not gonna see a performance boost.

    Basically girlfriends photoshop rig is

    Ath 64 x2 4800

    2x7200rpm drives (1st drive with os partition, and documents)
    (2nd drive scratch file/page file and backup)

    Basically drive number one has gone kaput! and I want to replace it. I can only afford about 60 quid so a massive raptor is out of the question. But if I buy one of the 74gb versions and move all documents onto the backup drive (I can backup elsewhere) will I still see a speed benefit having the working documents stored on the slow drive? and also having the page file/scratch file on the slow drive?

    Also I know these is a bit of an open question as it depends on the person but.......I know these drives are a bit louder than, but would they be bearable in a front room when idleing as I dont want some helicopter noises coming from the corner of the room.

    The other thing Im hoping for help with is a gpu upgrade.....But being the fussy git I am I want one thats 1.Compatable with photoshops new gpu settings 2. either doesnt have a fan is is really quite as again I hate helicopter noises.

    Cheers in advance for any info people

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    On the graphics side of thing if its solely used for that sort of thing i'd look at Nvidias Quadro range.

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