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    Quote Originally Posted by TechMonkey View Post
    I think this is a cheap Chinese knock off that someone is claiming to be worth £400+ so the discount looks fab. They'll ship them and then disappear leaving punters with shonky cleaners. Happy to be proven wrong but I'm not going to risk it.
    You are 100% correct. I bought my Samba vacuum through Groupon thinking it was a great deal. Unfortunately the unit does not do what it says on the tin. It's OK but not as advertised - it's a cheap knock-up in my opinion because after only 2 months of use, it has broken! The starter motor is broken and ours only was only used once every couple of days! So after approximately 30 uses, it has died. Now I'm in the process of dealing with Groupon for my refund who are claiming it's the manufacturers responsibilty... and guess what - the Hong Kong based manufacturer is nowhere to be found. I've spoken with Office of Fair Trading who have confirmed it's Groupon's responsibilty under the Sale OF Goods Act... but Groupon of course are trying to wash their hands of it. Groupon have probably had many other people complaining that their Samba has broken down. If you are unfortunate enough to be in the same position as I am, please contact the Office of Fair Trading.

    On another note, I will now have to buy another robot vacuum - what is the Roomba like? Are there any other brand recommendations?

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    I bought a Roomba 560 Pet Edition through a groupon deal, had it about 6 months now.

    It's great, we let it run every dya at 1pm, so usually when we're out, and it just scuttles about doing it's thing.

    Yes, it's not the most powerful vacuum in the world, but it's doing a little every day, and getting under all the furniture, etc. It's made our place feel much cleaner overall.

    Every now and again it'll get stuck somewhere, or lock itself in the kitchen, so you've gotta free it when you get home, but that's hardly the end of the world.

    I'm very impressed with the little thing - and whenever anyone comes round they wanna see it going...and the docking procedure when it's finished is hilarious!

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