Granted not overly educational IT related but having worked hard at this most of the night I've finally gotten the SagePay Direct system to work with my CPanel server and give myself a proper CC payment solution at long last.

In case anyone else is looking at doing this, a few tips for your good selves.

1. Forget about SagePay branded support docs... Most are incomplete or point to index pages. Instead search for your problem on Google and use Protx as one of the keywords instead of Sagepay as that was the original brand name... and yes phone support did tell me to do that too

2. If you're using Interspires Shopping Cart... check that the URL's have been updated for the test server and that you have the latest protocol module... Community forum has what you need including my debugged code mods

3. Support are VERY good...

4. The CMS is your billing portal for your own account with SagePay, while the live/ portals are for your transaction, settings, etc... to do with your customers and payments taken. It's a bit confusing because they don't differentiate too well in the emails sent out but it makes sense when you get your head around it.

All in all, a long night of debugging and testing but hopefully it'll increase sales so we shall see