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General Chat Thread, Paper Recycling in General; I've not encountered mardy as a noun before, i.e. "being in a mardy", but do use it as an adjective, ...
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    I've not encountered mardy as a noun before, i.e. "being in a mardy", but do use it as an adjective, i.e. "a mardy person" or "he got a bit mardy".

    Back on topic (!), our local council collect our recycling (papers, card, plastic bottles, drinks cans) once a fortnight (I think - certainly, it is fortnightly for residential collections) and then they sort it out. We have separate bins in every room, and the cleaners empty them when doing the rubbish bins. It did take a bit of encouragement before they stopped emptying them both into the same bag, but once they were used to the system, it worked fine.

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    To elaborate on earlier answer:

    Of my three schools, one is an eco-school, I think we achieved the level where you get to keep the award permanently. Every room has two bins, a rubbish bin and a paper bin. The kids from eco-club come round every night and collect the paper and put it in a room near the skips, when a lot has built up the caretaker moves it all to the paper recycling skip, which the council collect every week (I think).

    Quote Originally Posted by sidewinder View Post
    Anyone have alu can or plastic bottle recycling at their school? I dont understand why they dont do it here. Cans not so much as they dont sell them now but bottles they do so it seems wasteful
    Yep we have a bin for just about anything. Alu, plastic, glass, print cartridges...etc
    Toner cartridges are picked up by our toner supplier and recycled.
    We have a lot of trees on site, recently a few had to be cut down, we chipped them and put them into the nature reserve.
    Nothing is wasted

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