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General Chat Thread, Windows 7 release name in General; Erm... wasn't it announced early by Microsoft in the Beta process that "Windows 7" is the final name? I've seen ...
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    Erm... wasn't it announced early by Microsoft in the Beta process that "Windows 7" is the final name? I've seen the article somewhere, I'll post a link if I can find it!

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    I am pretty certain that the name will stay as Windows 7, there has been so much marketing already around that name and they said that they were keeping it ages ago.

    As to the footprint, 16gb is the recommended not what it actually takes in terms of hard drive space. As pointed out there are huge amounts of drivers included and also the install includes all of the features like vista so that you don't need to go digging every time for a CD to install a new chunk. I'm sure that the nLite people will find a way to strip out the drivers from it but it actually takes away from its abilities as an OS that can easily adapt to different hardware. If you want your existing install on a different pc is is easy, just sysprep it and image it to the new box. Chances are excellent it will boot fine and find most of the hardware automaticly. As long as it has a network connection most other drivers are simply picked up off Windows update. This goes for Vista as well.

    It may take up a bit more room but from an ease of use and recovery prospective it is a small price to pay. Anyway with systems on the network what does it matter, all of the documents and profiles are stored on the servers and you only need the base software. You can get away with a 40GB hardrive which has been standard for 5-6 years.

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    Yep looking around it does look like Windows 7 is the final name, I just remember reading ages ago that they were ditching the numbers game with the clients OS, they must of changed their thinking again. I was kind of expecting a late rebrand / marketing drive but it's getting a bit late for that now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookie_monster View Post
    Ok ok so you've pimped it up a bit there's always room for improvement
    HOW DARE YOU hehe, as i'm not a tight wadd (read I was a Vista Beta Tester (ducks and covers from the large barrage of complaints for poor features that will now be hurled at me for admitting this role as I was one for 3 years) I got a copy of Retail Vista Ultimate Edition for my time to the project so I have dreamscene

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