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General Chat Thread, Prommisor, any alternatives? in General; Are there any other companies offering online testing for Lit/Num other than Edexcel's poor Prommisor ? I've been pulling my ...
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    Prommisor, any alternatives?

    Are there any other companies offering online testing for Lit/Num other than Edexcel's poor Prommisor ?

    I've been pulling my hair out with this peice of junk ever since they got rid of the Wonderful Exambase.

    Now were doing tests again, and it keeps dropping off candidates bookings now and again, support say they have been aware of the problem for 8 months but cannot seem to solve it.

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    We had problems with this last year, but since the update was installed we've not had any problems, and we've run quite a few tests this week.

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    End of story. I agree with a fellow member I was talking to, go back to paper tests its not worth it, takes far too long to install and configure, and then its software fussy. I cannot put IE7 on my server as it doesn't like it, fine you may say but them I've got other software that needs IE7 to render correctly (doesn't support FF) so thats a waste of a server. Workstatiosn sometimes like IE7 sometimes not, seems to error with some .net updates for some reason as well. It seems to be a random program at times! Why can't they just got online to a secure website like MIDYiS and YELLiS testing!!!

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