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General Chat Thread, The Swine Flu Thread in General; Am just recovering from Swine Flu and was bed bound for nearly 5 days. Never felt so bad in my ...
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    Am just recovering from Swine Flu and was bed bound for nearly 5 days. Never felt so bad in my life. High temps and shivering at the same time. Headache like nothing I have ever had and earache too also sore bones in the face and what felt like toothache. Even now am on the mend still have sore joints and this morning almost a week later up with a raging throat!!!!! Our school has been hit hard with it and on average each day they say were 12 staff off since two weeks ago. My advice is if you feel bad stay off you only spread it round by going into work.

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    OK, I have a suspected case of this after ringing the hotline. 10 days off work, thats 3 weeks according to personnel as Half-Term was last week (I really don't get that policy). Personally it sounds like an NHS knee-jerk reaction but anything to look ou for on return to work? Also going to try get some work done from home when symptoms clear up a bit more, should be fun watching compatability differences between Calc and Excel 2003.

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    Been a lot of it here - most of the Site staff have had it bad - and they are quite fit usually - several weeks off and still don't look right. Got a banging headache myself - hope thats not a sign of things to come - as that was the first symptom they had...

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    I nearly lamped my junior tech on Wednesday.

    Came in after being off the beginning of the week..looked like shite.

    "What's up with you, you big ladyboy?"

    "Pig flu."

    "WTF are you doing in FFS? Sod off!"

    "I was bored at home"

    Hmm. Thanks for that. I'm classed as "compromised immunity" due to my condition, and my missus is due to drop sprog imminently.

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