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General Chat Thread, What are our schools coming to: in General; This is a link to a Times article about Tom Daley, the young lad who came 7th in the Olympic ...
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    What are our schools coming to:

    This is a link to a Times article about Tom Daley, the young lad who came 7th in the Olympic highboard, who has been forced to leave Eggbuckland Community College because of threats.

    Olympic star Tom Daley quits school after bully says: I'll break your legs - Times Online

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    I read that article in The Times paper yesterday and was surprised when I heard Tom Daley being interviewed on Radio 4 yesterday evening.

    He brushed off suggestions of physical threats and basically said he had become extremely irritated by the constant verbal that he was getting from pupils of all ages at school and it was this that was getting him down.

    I am not saying that the verbal bullying is any less stressful than physical threats, just that The Times seems to have made rather more of this story than Tom himself.

    If things aren't working out for him at his current school, then a move is probably the best thing for him. Looks like he's about to land a nice 100% bursary from a private school - good luck to him

    I asked my own teenage son about how he thought Tom Daley would have been treated at his boys-only non-selective state school... they already have a resident BMX champion. My son said he thought that Tom Daley's success would be seen as being really cool... it's a shame all young people don't think that way.

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    I asked my son and daughter the same thing: they are at a high-performing mixed comprehensive and they said that the 'chavs' might make fun of him but most of the kids would be very supportive and stop the chavs if they heard any nastiness.
    They have sailing, rowing and ballroom dancing champions at the school at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by laserblazer View Post
    forced to leave Eggbuckland Community College because of threats.
    Bet you he wouldn't have if he'd chosen Judo instead of highboard diving.

    David Hicks

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