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General Chat Thread, Making the move to Australia in General; Also if you can get a company that will sponsor you, that is another way. My pal was sponsored which ...
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    Also if you can get a company that will sponsor you, that is another way.
    My pal was sponsored which mean't that they had their return travel paid for as the employer had changed the terms of her employment.
    They did mention that there are different laws for Sydney, Perth etc, a bit like the states.

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    What is the attraction of moving to Australia over the UK? I have a friend who was born in Australia but lives in the UK and she considers the UK home (although she has dual nationality).

    Is it job prospects or maybe the European Union gaining too much control? The standard of living? Maybe the women are better over there? I've never been so I am curious.

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    Standard of living
    The weather
    Ozzy birds

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    Having just been to Auz and NZ I'd have to say i much prefered NZ, unless you really like stupidly hot weather and the beach. I have a couple of friends who are Australian and they can't see why people are so obsessed with moving out there (I think they need to experience a few more winters though ). Don't get me wrong Aus is a nice place but the quality of life really isn't any higher than in the U.K. (other than the beach thing).

    I have two friends who went out on work visas with an eye to staying apparently it's not a very good way to get a permenant visa, they both had degrees and IT experience but couldn't find work. Apparently you're better off trying to meet the requirements this end and applying for work. However actually being there could help you make some contacts.
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