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General Chat Thread, Deleting threads in General; Not sure how to delete a thread - put it in the wrong section....
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    Deleting threads

    Not sure how to delete a thread - put it in the wrong section.
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    Hi there,

    I just had that very debate, this week ! There is a culture in education that a laptop is a "perk" and as such you would have to prize a laptop from the staffs cold dead hands .

    I wanted to go with the PC in every room, with roaming profiles. This was rejected..

    So I have come up with a cunning plan..

    USB Port replicators Hard wired to the Projectors, IWBs and the Lan,

    Staff have just to present 1 USB cable to laptop, all other trailing wires.. Gone.

    The new Tosh Smart Dock looks like it can do the job I would be very interested in other that have tried a "docking solution".

    So we are Laptops all the way here !


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