my AP comp sci class found our way into the system administrators account on the school computers. We are limiting ourselves to setting the school district to a domino effect shut down (as a massive cover for adjusting the template for the times new roman font that will reverse the e's when printed). There has been talk of sending a rick roll with the domino shut down but that was determined to be a little over the top... should be much fun.

We have done a bit of testing, and the shut down process actually resembles a user error that auto exits from windows so with the use of dummy accounts added to the server it should be impossible to trace.
Someone just posted this on my forum in the discussions about April Fools. Pretty sure it's not a joke as they're a fairly nasty piece of work, so I figured I'd post if here in an attempt to give someone a head's up. They're from a city just north of Philadelphia, USA, according to their IP address. I do hope they get caught.