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General Chat Thread, Broadband/Wireless question in General; Can someone advise if this is possible. A small company has internet access through a broadband modem currently for its ...
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    Broadband/Wireless question

    Can someone advise if this is possible.

    A small company has internet access through a broadband modem currently for its office users.

    They have staff staying on site (its an outdoor centre) and would like them to gain access to the internet (using wireless) but dont want a normal wireless modem setup. They are worried that if for example a laptop got a virus they don't want the main office network to be infected.

    I understand that this is possible using say a wireless modem but they want a more secure network.

    The laptops only want the internet and not access to the office computers.

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    Get a good wireless router with a good firewall, block all out going ports minus 80 - HTTP.

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    Agreed, the simplest way to do this would be to get a router that supports per user restrictions, you could then restrict the laptops to just port 80:web, 443: SSL and DNS:53 so as to only give them access to the internet and just don't have restrictions for the others.

    The more secure option would be to setup a second wireless AP behind an old machine with something like smoothwall on it that would allow for propper filtering before it is connected to the main network.

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