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General Chat Thread, Credit Card Fraud in General; Hi All wondered if anyone saw this last night on the BBC late News: BBC NEWS | UK | Overseas ...
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    Credit Card Fraud

    Hi All wondered if anyone saw this last night on the BBC late News:
    BBC NEWS | UK | Overseas credit card scam exposed

    Managed services at it's very best (Not).
    How many people on here have had their card details stolen?

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    My husband has had his card cloned once and we think there was an attempt again this week.

    He received a telephone call from someone who 'sounded chinese' saying that he was from a company that my husband had recently ordered something from. He asked my husband to confirm some personal information due to 'problems putting the card transaction through'... the details he wanted included the 3 digit number from the back of his credit card.

    My husband refused on the grounds that he had no idea if this chap was actually from the company concerned and left it that the company would send a letter requesting more information. The goods he'd ordered arrived the following morning! So clearly there hadn't been a problem. My husband is contacting the company today about this after seeing the BBC report yesterday.

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    I had LBC on this morning driving into work talking about Fraud & Chip\Pin

    Very interesting

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