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General Chat Thread, Whats ya......... in General; Originally Posted by sparkeh Couldn't agree more Most definitely, I have a lot of equipment in my office at home ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkeh View Post

    Couldn't agree more
    Most definitely, I have a lot of equipment in my office at home but that's where it stays! I do enough work during the day and don't have the time or the inclination to be playing with computers after that!

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    At home i just have the one PC and one laptop

    the laptop is my work one which stays in the bedroom to play films on (really need to buy a TV for the bedroom!) and the other is in the living room as my gaming PC (E8400, 4gb ram, ATi 4870, windows 7 rtm, 24" TFT)

    i tend to decide that i hate PCs as soon as i leave work, but i do have a bit of an OCD when it comes to cleaning computers up, for example my missus mate bought a dell laptop the other day and it came with soooooooooo much crap on it that i had to sit there for 2 hours cleaning it up and making it quick (or as quick as a celeron can be).

    Got enough bits and bobs to make about 3 half decent PCs out of, one of which would be a xeon server with SCSI raid but i can just never be bothered after i've been at work all day

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    1 computer for me
    1 laptop for the wife.
    I do enough geeky stuff at work so it's the last thing I want to do in my free time. For me IT is just a job.

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    My servers sit in a rack up the top of a wardrobe, on a UPS etc, dont need any interfering with.

    They even download the daily TV episodes automatically etc, sort themselves into TV series folders automatically at the end of the week, etc etc.

    I just used to come in, sit with my Netgear Eva8000 remote, browse to TV then New, and watch that days new epiisodes.

    Now Im miles away, they are my VPN / proxy access to get a UK IP to watch IPlayer etc..

    (and the slingboxes are invaluable for the football thats on at 4am that I cant go to the pub for)

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