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General Chat Thread, What do you think of this? Laptop cashback/exchange scheme in General; Does this sound genuine? Laptops for Teachers Cant find the small print......
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    What do you think of this? Laptop cashback/exchange scheme

    Does this sound genuine?

    Laptops for Teachers

    Cant find the small print...

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    I'm fairly sure they're Genuine, we've got a few LfT laptops here, but they were acquired before my time.

    Might be tempted to use them again, but at the moment latops that fail go into my spares bin and then get scavenged, I'd rather spend a little extra on new laptops and set them up myself than get some new ones for cheaper and lose my spare parts kit.

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    It 'sounds' okay, but i wouldn't trust anyone.

    Start with phoning the 10 schools that have given testimonials. You might find they aren't that cheap or worthwhile anyway.

    I've seen similar schemes, VAT-free sales, lease to own, etc etc, I think COMET was behind one of them. I think they are pretty kosher if you can negotiate a good deal.

    I'm not quite sure if they can supply anything, or where there profit comes from. It's probably smallish commission on supply and large on extra services such as OS install, etc.

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    Had a quote from them offering me £60.00 for 5 old laptops in part ex for 3 new ones. Didn't think it was worth it as I was still able to source the 3 new ones cheaper elsewhere.

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