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General Chat Thread, Taking Leave in General; For IT Managers and Support Staff: Are you allowed to take holiday in term time or do you have to ...
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    Taking Leave

    For IT Managers and Support Staff:

    Are you allowed to take holiday in term time or do you have to take your holidays in the school holidays are still be expected to get things done?

    also how many forms does it take for you to be able to get 1 day off?

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    My holiday is supposed to be in School Holidays, when I took the job I was told that they would consider any requests for Term Time leave. Never took any in three years but I know they would be cool about it.

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    Depends on the schools policies, amount of support staff and what your contract is and what it states.

    For one day off we would only have to fill in one form and then it's up to smt if it's allowed and if it's paid, unpaid or to be made up etc...

    I had a holiday in term time last year as I got the dates for easter wrong and booked it, they have a policy of allowing 1 day either say the friday before a school holiday or the monday following a school holiday for travelling time which I think is fair enough.

    I ended up with 2 days unpaid leave.


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    When I was there Dave, I never got time off during school time bar two occasions. PM'ed you with info.

    Should just be one form for a day off which needs to be signed by the Head. AB2 I think it's called there.

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