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General Chat Thread, Recommend me a film in General; Originally Posted by Little-Miss If you want disturbing, try and find "Old Boy" that's a bit twisted...a Korean film. Very ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little-Miss View Post
    If you want disturbing, try and find "Old Boy" that's a bit twisted...a Korean film. Very good..
    oh hell yes - that is an amazing bit of film.

    cinematography is amazing.

    Although you should start with 'Sympathy for Mr Vengance'.....

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    My home "city" was made into a Beatles' song. Care to tap your foot and make a guess?
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    They have escaped from reality for a little while. Its like we are flying.

    Quote Originally Posted by danIT View Post
    I like action/drama's...Any suggestions?

    Saw one recently that has not been getting a lot of attention: 2012

    That is the title "2012"

    Starts slow but once it picks up it is powerful action/drama. Watched it the other night with family, high definition home theatre. (When I burn a movie I usually boost the audio a bit, so when it plays on home theatre speakers the effects sounds are a dialed up slightly.)

    So I put this one in, and when the action really got going, everyone in my family was locked on, mesmerized. (Family includes my folks or inlaws - sometimes we invite them over for dinner or a weekend we might be busy, and in the evenings, we may all kick back for a film.) That is one of the best things for me, when I have seen a film and like it, then recommend it for my family and they all sit down for it, and become captivated.

    Can't explain it, but I love when that happens.


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    without hint of a doubt, russian superhero Black-Lightning old school movies

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