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General Chat Thread, access msn contacts with skype in General; I'm running Skype 3.5 Windows and was wondering if its possible so you could talk to people on MSN through ...
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    access msn contacts with skype

    I'm running Skype 3.5 Windows and was wondering if its possible so you could talk to people on MSN through Skype?

    I know you can import msn contacts into skype but you initiate conversations with msn contacts?

    It be good to use one IM system rather than a variety. I do pref the apps that can be installed on a PC rather than a web based version.


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    I don't think so. not unless they have a skype account too.
    you can get IM programs that aren't tied to any one brand and purportedly allow you to mix and match but i'm not sure how good they are.

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    As far as I am aware they're two completely seperate systems, however who knows, it may be possible in the future. You can chat with users on Yahoo Messenger using Live Messenger and visa versa, however you lose some functionality (such as limited emoticons).

    Live Messenger does support webcams and voice recognition these days (as does Skype), so you may just have to install both applications if you have contacts on both.

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