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General Chat Thread, Tony Benn: "People will die because of the BBC" in General; Tony Benn: "People will die because of the BBC" [ame="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3czDRZF9Q0U"]YouTube - Tony Benn: "People will die because of the BBC"[/ame] ...
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    Tony Benn: "People will die because of the BBC"

    Tony Benn: "People will die because of the BBC"

    [ame="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3czDRZF9Q0U"]YouTube - Tony Benn: "People will die because of the BBC"[/ame]

    Well said Mr Benn.

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    Gotta luv Tony Benn.

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    Got to say, I profoundly disagree with Tony Benn on this issue, but I like the way he wouldn't take NO for an answer!

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    To be honest... the DEC is a non-partisan organisation consisting of Red Cross, Red Crescent, Medicins Sans Frontiers, and more besides... so why the BBC are taking a political line (which is supposedly beyond their remit).

    As for his response to the question about "but won't some of the aid go to the terrorists"... One word "Africa"... How much of the ruddy aid there has gone to the pocket filling bureaucrats there and how many of them have been complicit in the death of millions of their own citizens..

    Put in perspective I couldn't agree more.

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