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General Chat Thread, flash player 10 in General; I've been putting off deploying flash player 10 for some time now, But I've had a request from the maths ...
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    flash player 10

    I've been putting off deploying flash player 10 for some time now, But I've had a request from the maths department asking me to update the flash (

    I'm thinking about depolying it through out the school this afternoon, But I need to know two things.

    where do I download 'Flash Player 10.msi' from?
    Is the anything special I need to do before I deploy the update? i.e. remove the old version etc? if so how do I do that through gpo with out having to run round hundreds of machines.

    Cheers gang


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    You'll want to sign up here, then Adobe should let you have the msi

    Adobe - Player Licensing

    It should update old versions automatically, it certainly does flash 9 anyway.

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    Or simply use these links:

    http://www.adobe.com/go/full_flashplayer_win_msi (for the IE version)
    http://www.adobe.com/go/full_flashplayer_win_pl_msi (For Firefox)

    We always remove the old version first, but we deployed v9 through a GPO so removing it was as simple as removing from the GPO. Might be worth testing first what happens if you just let the v10 upgrade the old version.

    The one problem you may encounter is that some sites use buggy JavaScript code to detect the version you have. Because the reported version string includes the revision numbers (e.g., some lazy coders simply truncate all but the first character (e.g. 9). This is fine until you deploy version 10 and they see it as version 1, then throw a wobbly complaining you need at least version 6.

    Given that this is really the same type of problem as the Y2K bug, I have very little sympathy for anyone who makes this mistake. It is an utterly schoolboy error. Hilariously, Adobe Connect had this bug until they issued a patch.

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