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General Chat Thread, MP SAYS DYSLEXIA IS A MYTH in General; Originally Posted by salan My world is pictures NOT words. I mentally translate everything into pictures. I learn visually. A ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by salan View Post
    My world is pictures NOT words. I mentally translate everything into pictures. I learn visually.
    A story on that, had a guy that used to help me out who was dyslexic and he was telling me about the embarresment he caused when a plaque was unvield in town for something or other and he immediately pointed out the spelling mistake, purely because when he looked at the word it didn't match his picture of the word. Everyone else was doing the old it must be right as all the correct letters are there & their brains weren't processing the error. He was very pleased about this as it had to be re-done, but that was just how he was

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    I was lucky pretty lucky. At primary school I was often in the lower sets and that was partly due to attention span more than anything else. I had a high reading age, but that was down to skim reading and my brain filling in the gaps.

    When I was in my last year in primary school I was on holiday when schools started so came into the class late and was told I would start at the bottom but move up to wherever my natural level was.

    I got bored of the easy tasks so was set double the work to others in the same group ... I progressed until it was obvious that I could not express myself in writing very well. I ad a teacher who taught me some handy tricks to make sure I wasn't marked down and I ended up in the top set. I got a bursary to a private school and ended up coming out middle of the road due mainly due to being bone idle.

    Being taught tricks to deal with dyslexia worked for me. For others it is simple things like coloured lenses. It just takes time to work out what is best for you. However, if you are not diagnosed in the first place you can't get that help you need. It turned out I was never formally diagnosed whilst at school ... I was only diagnosed whilst in the Army when helping a friend out who was learning how to test soldiers for dyslexia / dyspraxia / dyscalculia.

    I have always accepted that I have to work that little bit harder that a lot of people to reach the same point. I also have to read my text up to 3 times to be sure it is ok (often as I am still typing other bits I am reading a few lines behind ... it works for me so it doesn't have to make sense!). Then again, I have friends who used to have to work that little bit harder when in the army as they had shorter legs and it is hard doing drill with short legs at times. C'est la vie!

    Would I have been different if I had been labelled? Probably ... but not by much. Would I have been different if I had just been labelled as thick rather than being dealt with as a someone with issues reading and? A certainty!

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