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General Chat Thread, Palm Pre and WebOS - interesting... in General; Just seen this news story... Palm Pre: a first look Preview in Handhelds Reviews at ZDNet.co.uk - Page 1 looks ...
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    Palm Pre and WebOS - interesting...

    Just seen this news story...

    Palm Pre: a first look Preview in Handhelds Reviews at ZDNet.co.uk - Page 1

    looks like the iPhone is finally getting some good competition. As an iPhone user (unsurprisingly) I must say I can't live without it!

    I used to be a Palm user and must say that until the iPhone came out the original PalmOS was the best PDA OS I've ever seen/used.

    Now this WebOS really does look interesting. I'd like to see Palm extend their use of this new OS. Could make an interesting addition as a Netbook or TabletPC OS.

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    Palm... I've been a loyal Treo user since they started building them: the 650 was the crowning glory of a series of brilliance, then when mine started wearing out I got a Centro, which was the biggest mistake ever. And I've dithered over the alternatives for I don't know how long, while they pratt about tweaking it for Windows and tweaking it by taking the antenna off etc. So now a fortnight after abandoning them, they announce the Pre </rant>

    Edit: for the record, the alternative was also a big mistake, so I'm back on the 650 and just being careful of the antenna mounting. And it's still the best phone I ever had.

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