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    Decent/Orthpaedic Chair

    Following from this thread I finally brought myself a chair. The Roma Superior Chair from Viking Direct. Which I got at £69.99 but they've put it up to £119.99

    Anyway, the school have agreed to get me a decent orthopaedic chair for my back. I'd prefer it was a leather type computer chair with a high back so I can rest my head as well to ease my aching neck too!

    So, does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Three recommendations:

    Here's my current home office chair:

    Buy Reebok Gym Ball 65cm. at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for .

    And my work chair:

    Gaiam Balance Ball Chair - buy online - HaB Direct UK

    Astonishingly, they have helped me with my lower back pain! Google round a bit and you'll get some more opinions on using these things as chairs, and why gym balls are dangerous (for the, ahem, balanced view).

    Third recommendation - move about a lot. Get up, walk about. When you're on the phone, stand up.

    And exercise and stretch regularly. If you've got any friends who do Tai Chi, get them to show you some or the warm up exercises.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom7000 View Post
    So, does anyone have any recommendations?
    I've actually found the chair I discovered abandoned in my flat when I moved in to be pretty reasonable, but many people still swear by the trusty classic Aeron chair. They might be around £800 new, but with the recession and all I reckon there'll be a bunch going second-hand soon enough, which it might be worth looking out for.

    David Hicks

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