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General Chat Thread, Build your own BMI? in General; I've had an interesting question raised to me. We know that there are monitoring devices that can be put as ...
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    Build your own BMI?

    I've had an interesting question raised to me.

    We know that there are monitoring devices that can be put as modules in UPSes to monitor temperature / humidty ... and subsequently shut your machines down at a given temperature ...

    Well, what about the comms cabs in cupboards and so on where you only have a room that you want to keep a log of temperature to see about cooling, or even remotely shut down machines (eg a classroom is left on overnight and gets above 30 degress so you need the server to send a remote shutdown command).

    Any ideas about what you have already done to shut devices down based on temperature or humidty, or possible methods that may be particularly Heath-Robinson (but still a good base to work from).

    Unfortunately extending a BMI system to do this is not an option at the moment, partly due to wanting to keep control in the hands of the on-site support staff rather than the people that own the building.
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    Those in remote cabs/locations linked to 1-wire temperature sensors going back to a nagios or other type monitoring server.

    I use a 1 wire serial adapter in my groundwork server in the server room to monitor temp in there.


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    I was actually thinking of doing something that may do this if and when I get a hold of a dev board for the new PIC micro series:
    NEW EMBEDDED ETHERNET on Microchip PIC18 Microcontrollers - Microcontroller.com

    Embedded ethernet onchip with a cheap temperature and humidity sensor:
    Electronics-Lab.com Blog Blog Archive PIC Microcontroller Temperature Sensor

    and a power adapter, your pretty much done.

    All of the TCP/IP code is avalible free from PIC
    TCP/IP Stack for PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC & PIC32

    so implementation is not to much of a stretch as it even supporrts SNMP which could be tied to your favorite monitering app.

    EDIT: The solution above looks way easier
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