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General Chat Thread, Hard drive destruction 'crucial' in General; I dont know about anyone else, but we donate our old computers to primary schools. if we gave them the ...
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    I dont know about anyone else, but we donate our old computers to primary schools.
    if we gave them the machines without a hard drive because we smashed them, it would be expense for them that they couldnt afford and probably time for us as we would have to fit them all.

    So wiping is the only solution for us. Quick wipe for student client machines (personal data on there is likely to be close to none, no local profiles), intense wipe for staff and server drives. Yes it takes longer, but if theres nothing wrong with the hard drive, why smash it just to save a bit of time?

    Only one ive ever smashed was one out of my old laptop - had a copy of all my docs on it, and it kept erroring when trying to wipe, so i took it apart. Tried to get the platter out and it shattered into a million tiny pieces everywhere. Not nice
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    Without physical destruction of a drive, is zero filling a fix to this, i've read that this is basically what most of the software does? Or maybe zero fill then do a random fill? as for physical destruction shove a set of ears on it and throw it in a ring with mike tyson.
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    The gutman wipe takes SOOOOOO long! 32 passes of it as well!! Im sure its thorough!

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