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General Chat Thread, Start as you mean to go on!!! in General; What a bloody new year! Saturday night I noticed I couldn't get on to the school mail server from home, ...
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    Start as you mean to go on!!!

    What a bloody new year!
    Saturday night I noticed I couldn't get on to the school mail server from home, so I guessed something was up.
    Yesterday was a staff training day and I was meant to be doing a presentation to all staff (4 x 1 hour sessions) to give a taster of our new network, what it offers etc.

    Got in at 7:15 to find my office in silence. No switches on, no servers on, no nothing on! Found a caretaker who checked and said a couple of fuses had tripped so put them back on. Got back to my office, switches came back on but no servers.
    I found that the UPS's they were plugged into had obviously kicked in when a powercut over Xmas had occurred, drained, and then gone off. So I had to plug the servers directly into mains sockets just to get them on while the UPSs slowly recharged.
    The best thing was, I'd emailed my presentation to my work email during Xmas expecting to come in, load it up and away we go.....so no email server on meant no presentation.
    It was all going slowly downhill!!

    The 9AM presentation was cancelled and staff from that re-assigned into the later groups, and by about 9:15 I'd got one of the UPSs to stop beeping low battery so I plugged two of the servers back in there.
    Tried switching on our ADSL router, no joy. So have had no internet until about an hour ago when a new router was delivered.

    Thankfully the presentations went well, it being my first time having to give presentations and stand in front of people talking and explaining etc.

    So I now have one dead UPS which needs a new battery (but for its age can just be replaced) and a new router.

    Not the sort of start back in the new year I was hoping for!

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    I had sort of similar. Got a phone call on friday from the headspa saying that she had just popped in to check something and the email server wasnt working properly (school was supposed to be closed the whole holidays). I then dialled in on the vpn for over 4 hours to try and get said server working. I gave up resorted to going in at 6.15 on Monday morning (also a training day here) to shut down all the servers and then boot them up in order. It worked but i had it working by 7 and i didnt need to be in until 11 for a meeting as we were all told to come in late. It wasnt to bad i did about 2 days work in those 4 hours as it was me the head and the headspa in the whole building!

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