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General Chat Thread, Tesco Voucher Counting in General; Bank Note Counter with UV Detection > Maplin...
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    I give them to our librarian to count - she seems to enjoy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickJones View Post
    And then count out a pile of 70 and you'll probably find that it also weighs the same as the pile of 100. Science Department scales are highly unlikely to be sensitive enough to count this accurately. I have some scales in my kitchen which probably cost a lot more than the ones in our Science Lab, and they give different readings if I flatten out the contents rather than have it all in a pile!

    Since Tesco ask that they are all unfolded in the piles, I have always assumed they use the same sort of paper counters as you find in banks...
    I've used the weighing method for the last 5 years of counting vouchers, and Tesco have never complained that there's any problems with my figures. They weigh in increments of 0.1g with an accuracy of +/- 1g which is pretty standard for digital scales that most schools are likely to have.

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    Thanks all, I'll put the weighing idea forward and see what they make of it.

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