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General Chat Thread, Jim'll fix it for you ...to learn with ICT in General; BBC NEWS | Education | Primary school subjects overhaul Sir Jim also argues that the primary curriculum needs to reflect ...
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    Jim'll fix it for you ...to learn with ICT

    BBC NEWS | Education | Primary school subjects overhaul

    Sir Jim also argues that the primary curriculum needs to reflect changes in children's experiences and it should recognise that many young children have developed computer skills in their own homes.

    Primary podcasts

    He says the level of lessons in information, communication and technology (ICT) currently taught in secondary schools should now be taught to primary-age pupils.

    Such technology skills should also be used in other lessons, recommends Sir Jim.

    This could include using the internet for research, word-processing work and making podcasts.

    "Good primary teaching deepens and widens children's understanding by firing their imagination and interest in learning. One highly promising route to meeting the demand for in-depth teaching and learning is undoubtedly emerging through ICT," says Sir Jim.

    "The primary curriculum needs to be forward-looking."

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    Yeah why teach them anything as they will teach themselves at home especially ICT, Ha bl**dy Ha, these so called ministers and Whitehall codgers are living in cloud cuckoo land.
    Too late for teaching kids true values like treating people decently and with respect, nah kid's would rather shoot people on their games console than learn about English and History and then take the experience into the real world and try it for real.

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    Does anyone at any stage still actively promote safe usage of the internet?

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