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General Chat Thread, Formula 1 Tickets in General; Hi Does anyone know how to get tickets for next years Formula 1 please? Thanks...
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    Formula 1 Tickets


    Does anyone know how to get tickets for next years Formula 1 please?


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    That would ultimately depend on where you wish to go... the track website is usually a good place to look. All the tracks I've been to and intend to go to at some point all sell directly through or link to a site which sells them...

    Silverstone is very expensive though... £109 Per Adult for Race Day... but you got to get in quick or you'll lose out to,...

    Personally, I can't see any desire in wishing to spectate a Grand Prix, been Castle Combe a few times and recommend it since you can see about 3/4 of the track from any point. Thruxton is good for spectating too (if you get there early enough!)
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    Went to the Monaco gp this year, the tickets were part of the package. Went with Thomas Cook Sport.

    But like DrPerceptron said, best place is the circuits website if you plan arranging your own travel.

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    In the past we've usually done the whole weekend - camping in the grounds of Whittlebury Court Hotel which is right next to the circuit and where some of the drivers and team members stay. The camping was always good with parties, barbecues and loads of great fun!

    This usually costs us all around £150 - £200 but it's ok if you go with a bunch of people as we do and split the cost.

    A platinum 3 day ticket for the whole weekend will set you back £279 but you get a covered seat in one of the stands on race day!

    A lot of money but it's bloody worth it! Don't forget next year is the last one at Silverstone isn't it so it's going to be a big party!?
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    I was debating on taking my oldest for the first time next year but may take him instead to a Rally event instead.
    I have not been to a F1 race for a long time - it certainly beats watching it on the box....
    If you drive, enjoy the 3 hour que out of the carparking fields etc.....

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