I currently have a Nokia 6300. Its a good phone, but on nights out, its crap for taking photos and i dont want to carry another device (camera) round with me, so i have been looking at the N82, 6220, N79 and N85 and found out that the N82 takes the best photos in day and night as it boasts a Xenon flash with a 5.0mp camera rather than the N85 and N79 which have the dual LEDs.

What i am asking is, has anyone got a N82? If so, what are they like? The only reason i dont want to get rid of my 6300 is cos of the keypad, its got a great keypad and want to know what the keypad is like on the N82. I have read a lot of reviews on the N82 and alot of people are saying that it is the best phone out at the mo.

I have looked at the 6220 and heard that it doesnt boast Wifi and the keypad is "tacky", a bit like the 6120 which i used to own, till it went back as it felt like the keys were about to drop off. I used to own a Song erricson T610i and that broke so am a bit weary of SE and found that they used to be rather slow and that the M2 memory cards can be fairly costly compared to the microSD cards, unless someone can convince me otherwise.

I would rather stick with Nokias but if push came to shove i would choose a different brand.