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General Chat Thread, iPod touch for xmas or wait for iPhone? in General; Well It's that time of year again, and the parents have given me a budget in which "father christmas" operates... ...
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    iPod touch for xmas or wait for iPhone?


    It's that time of year again, and the parents have given me a budget in which "father christmas" operates...

    Do I ask for an iPod Touch 16gb... or wait til the iPhones come down once again in price after christmas and get one myself??

    Descisions descisions!

    It's a shame the iPod Touch doesnt have a camera & bluetooth... then I'd be happy!

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    I have an iPOD touch and happy to leave it just as a music device. I've just got myself a Blackberry Bold and love it - get yourself one of those, much better than the iPhone )

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    iPod Touch isn't really worth it, might aswell get an iPhone, worth the money then. Why not iPod Classic, the new 120gb version?, Wish they hadn''t stop supporting my 160gb classic though

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    I have an iphone but thats only due to the menu and the other features not due to bluetooth or the camera ( the camera is ok but I wouldnt rate it too high ) aside from the geo tagging.

    Blue tooth does not have many profiles so can't file transfer or do much with the blue tooth - although you can get a blue tooth dongle to connect via the same port that you connect the usb cable to - never tried one though so not sure if that will allow you to add extra bluetooth profiles or not.

    If you have the money depending on what you want to use it for you might as well get an ipod touch and another phone or an ipod ( touch, classic or which ever one you want ) and another phone.

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    Don't get an iPhone for the camera - it's next to useless. Only 2MP, has no focus and no flash, and is gives dreadful images in low light.

    I think the iPhone is a great device and I wouldn't be without it, but as a photographer, I would never use the camera for anything other than unimportant snapshots.

    I'd certainly recommend an iPhone for everything else, though. I've just come back from a week in Spain with Data turned off on mine (its £3 a Meg abroad) and I felt like part of me was missing not having e-mail and the web with me all the time!

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