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General Chat Thread, Storage Space in General; How much storage space do people have? I currently have an issue regarding this at my school, in that my ...
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    Storage Space

    How much storage space do people have?

    I currently have an issue regarding this at my school, in that my space is being eroded, due to my store cupboard being slowly but surely taken over by the ICT teacher (as it is at the back of her classroom).

    So, my current storage space consists of, about quarter of a cupboard - which works out at an area 7" by 4" in size. I also have 3 shelves in my server room which are 3" by 1" in size, and I have 3 kitchen style cupboards by my desk.

    So, as you can probably gather, anything large has nowhere to go. I have now been told that a loft space is being arranged for storage of old equipment until it is collected - which is a bit odd really, as it requires a lot of effort to get it up there and then back down when it is collected...

    What do other people have? How do you deal with storage when you order batches of new machines? I'm not talking about 35 new machines for a suite (as these are a special one off occasions really), more when we order 10 new laptops, or a dozen machines for a new area etc...

    We had a big argument over it here, as I was told my desk area was a mess - explaining that I simply have nowhere else to put stuff never goes very far...

    So, any ideas, suggestions etc...?

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    I have standard sized storeroom. In my office I have 5 large cabinets. 2 and half full sized desks and 2 more cabinets in the IT co-rds room which we share. New machines go on the 2nd desk while I work on the 1st. Out of school hours I lock any new machines in the sensory room.

    Like you I used to have problems but once I mentioned it, the school let me buy some decent cabinets which made a world a difference. Can you not write a letter explain the problem? I find letters often get dealt with more then verbal requests.

    Saying that an IT tech with a messy tech is a busy IT tech. A tidy desk means you dont have enough work

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