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General Chat Thread, The Science Department in General; @john: I forgot to mention the 15 sets of data logging equipment that they also got. I arranged for this ...
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    Re: The Science Department

    @john: I forgot to mention the 15 sets of data logging equipment that they also got. I arranged for this - DataHarvest stuff which works really well.

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    Re: The Science Department

    The Dataharvest stuff is the best in my opinion as I have had Philip Harris, Pasco, Data Harvest and another that I cannot remember, and the DH is the bets. I also like it as the branch of science that got them came to me and said I am ordering these, is it OK with you, now fine it was not as consultative as I would have liked, but the fact is it was before he ordered (meaning I told him to bin the Serial leads and chagne them to USB / Serial Leads straight off as the Laptops (when he can get them) don't have a Serial port), so it did work well, and just install the software and cable and away they go. We are going to get some more Dataharvest stuff for our younger children to use, thats how much I like it. Also the science staff like them.

    The bad stuff is Pasco stuff, every probe in every connector on the PC in every USB socket - 7 probes with 3 different PC unit things, with a potential of 2 USB sockets on each Laptop and Desktop = about 1hr each new probe they get AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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