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General Chat Thread, Technician / Computer Ratio in General; Originally Posted by mrbios 1200 Students Year 7 - Year 13 150 Staff - only about...2 IT competent 550 Student ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbios View Post
    1200 Students Year 7 - Year 13
    150 Staff - only about...2 IT competent
    550 Student PCs - All windows 7
    120 Teacher PCs - All windows 7
    120 Projectors
    120 Interactive whiteboards
    100 or so laptops
    10 Physical Servers, 5 of which are VM hosts - 30 VMs total, All HP servers and switches throughout.

    1 NM
    1 Senior tech (me)
    1 Junior tech
    Update now that the summers nearly over

    Now down to 5 physical servers, which are all VM hosts. vmotion enabled with all the servers now running off iSCSI.

    EDIT: oh also + about 30 more PCs on last year too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennda View Post
    120 macs? somebody has way to much money!

    I've got 7 which arrived last week! and i hate them already.
    One of the SLT is a Mac fan-boy and was determined to get them for CDT, Media, Music and Art. Costs us way too much in broken hardware (yes mac do break), stress, time (down to stupid staff and students) and software. Tech hate them as we have to install a VPC so they can run their software, so why did they get them in the first place! Art only use photo shop so could have spent £700 per system on top of the range PCs, they cant get used to them and would have preferd PCs.

    He assured us that iMacs were industry standard in Video and Photo Editing, Music production and Design and tech. We have had several students return to us from uni saying they all use PCs!!! Complete waste of money, time and bother if you ask me. But then again its something I can put on my CV!

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    Hi Guys,

    I use to do these calculations when working as an Architect in the IT Outsourcing industry.....

    1:200 for Student devices and 1:125 for Staff devices....

    Thin Clients get up to 1:800 (assuming a swap out model)....

    But...there are also a lot of other factors to take into account when getting the actual fte ratios

    I have not included any AV work in here as yet....

    see picture attached.

    Technician / Computer Ratio-support-ratios.png
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    1 High School, 1 Freshman Center, 2 Middle Schools, 6 Elementary Schools, and 2 Administrator Buildings

    Over 5,000 Computer (Mostly Laptops). Projectors in ever room. Smartboards, Mimios, and clickers all off over the place. One on One Initiative for 9,10,11 every student has a laptop all the time and they take home. Kids at home using cyber program with district laptops. Every teacher has a district Laptop.

    3 Techs
    2 Network guys

    Will be adding another 2,000 Laptops and 500 ipads this summer and will have 9.10.11. and 12 grades all with one for one and no we are not hiring anyone.

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