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General Chat Thread, Internet based homework in General; We have a fairly small amount of 'open access' computers, and it's something I want to address. What few we ...
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    We have a fairly small amount of 'open access' computers, and it's something I want to address. What few we have are in our library and can be used before, during and after school.

    Our pupils can use the same usernames and passwords at the local libraries to access the internet for free.

    The LEA have also supplied laptops to some families. These have been provided with a GPRS dongle, and an agreement has been setup with orange. They authenticate through the LEAs proxies, and therefore they get the same filtering / monitoring as if they were in school.

    Having said all that... I would still stress to our staff that an alternative to online resources should always be offered.

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    We've recently increased the number of "open access" terminals - there's now a room full of them. It's mainly used by 6th form, but other students use it especially at break, lunch and after school.

    As for access to them, at lunchtime there's a room full of open access machines (58), plus 24 in the library, and 80 in three IT rooms which are opened. That's 162 machines, for about 1,200 students, never had any problems with access other than on coursework deadline day - we liase with departments and open up extra rooms at this time anyway.

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    Is this 'open access' always supervised? Our problem is that the IT coord and I aren't always around to supervise children in the IT suites and we do not allow access if there isn't a teacher (or me) present as we have had too much trouble in the past. So letting pupils use the computers because they don't have access at home would mean a teacher giving up his or her lunchtime or making other, costly arrangements.

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    Here's a robust response, why don't your teachers just leave it up to the students to decide what research source to use. Most of the students will use the internet, and the backward ones can find their own way.

    I don't want to sound like the daily mail, but every library gives internet access, and I PC costs less now then a decent TV cost 5 years ago.
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    The issue is far reaching one not only got to take social issue of poorer families not having access but also number of students might not have access due to 'religious' grounds as parents feel internet is not appropriate in the religious context of the family.

    But as school as long as got after school/lunch time access then this fine. The whole one-to-one computer access schemes that are running have number of things that need to be thought about best example i have seen of a one-to-one scheme is the notschool.net scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by russdev View Post
    best example i have seen of a one-to-one scheme is the notschool.net scheme.
    That sounds interesting, is it for excluded pupils or just disenfranchised ones?

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