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General Chat Thread, Argh edugeek is blocked with netsweeper in General; Argh, Our LA changed to netsweeper for our filter solution over half term. All blogs are now blocked, and anything ...
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    Argh edugeek is blocked with netsweeper

    Argh, Our LA changed to netsweeper for our filter solution over half term.
    All blogs are now blocked, and anything with the word forum is out too, so I can't access edugeek in the day.
    I ran the tech support in the LA and they tel me that we will be getting training in a few weeks and then we can unblock certain sites.
    A few weeks!!!!
    They won't unblock sites for us in the meantime.

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    I feel your pain; our LEA has similarly draconian blocks. Makes trying to find solutions online while at LEA-served sites a complete PITA.

    Amusingly, they tell you what category each blocked site has been put under when you try to access it; I say amusing because my personal website was categorised "Tasteless/Questionable/Illegal". At one point they also blocked anything with "mail" in the URL. That changed when many school's bursars complained they could no longer get to www.royalmail.co.uk

    Our school moved away from the LEA-provided connection some years ago.

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    Netsweeper blocked it for me aswell, but only if I went to edugeek.net, EduGeek.net worked fine. Was abit strange!

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    How are they with you using ssl?
    That must be block tbh as they cant scan content easily.

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