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General Chat Thread, How do you run your helpdesk? in General; Originally Posted by matt40k Have you thought about asking reception to be your "helpdesk", if you give them your mobile ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
    Have you thought about asking reception to be your "helpdesk", if you give them your mobile number with strict instructions to only phone for emergencies everything else gets logged as normal. If you guys can't log calls, but only response to existing calls, they'll be forced to either go to reception or to the intranet.

    Make sure you have a policy of you only response to logged calls.
    Just do an online intranet helpdesk type system and if they dont log it - it doesnt get done.

    simples ... tsk

    make sure that you dont accept bits of paper with messages etc and just point them to online intranet system helpdesk

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    I said reception as it covers the idea that your a one man band and you've gone out for lunch, then say, your core switch has failed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanT View Post
    haha - Im not saying I didnt keep people updated, when I say I dont believe in SLA's, I mean once we got a job in, do it asap, and 90% jobs for teachers were done within 1 hr.
    Good for you ... not everyone can do that though for a variety of reasons.

    The good thing about most *decent* helpdesk software is that they can do pretty good reports for you which, after 3-6 months of running, you use to create your SLA. It basically says "This is our normal running efficiency and we expect to keep it up. We can only do this by sticking to our rules about how things are logged, prioritised, planned for, funded and dealt with. If we don't keep it up there is probably a good reason for it and it is the job of the $Boss to manage this with other named people having key roles!"

    Hmm ... ITIL in 3 sentences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrumbleDook View Post

    Hmm ... ITIL in 3 sentences?
    I reckon you've got the gist of it which is pretty good! It took our trainer 3 days to cover the same stuff but I'd guess I slowed him down by telling him about the "real world" which upset him a bit :-)

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