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General Chat Thread, Edugeek Joomla Package - How Much Is It Worth? in General; ...
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    On a side note, School Content Management System must be raking it in!

    We do not charge for the Joomla School Content Management System (CMS) as the code is open sorce. What we do charge for is the Install of the system and any design work you would like us to do.

    • Install School CMS £99.99
    • Intergrate School Logo from £79.99
    • Update School Content from £35.99 per page
    Pricey! £99.99 to run through a few setup screens? Notice the spelling mistake too, intergrate should be integrate.

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    Ok folks ... a misunderstanding here.

    The site above is from an old version of the package ... it hasn't had much of an update and the package is not being sold, merely the time of someone to set it all up.

    A common open source business model is to provide a service around freely available software. This is what is happening here but may not have been clear without digging into the site.

    Whilst the site has had some enquiries nothing has been set up yet for schools other than the previous employer (whilst he was there), and using the template for the *business* site was to allow for others too see it, pay for it to be set up (time .. not software) or point them where to download it from if they wanted to do it themselves ... perhaps the last bit was not clear and that can be easily be changed.

    The owner of the site (a regular member) never intended it to portray the site as anything but the work of others at Edugeek. He is pretty sure that he asked if he could use the template for the site ... and no one had any objections but just wants to point out that it is not his intention to do anything other than sell his time.

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