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    Who is in the Voice union like?

    I have been looking for a union to suit me for a while now and Voice looks good. With the non-striking policy and focus on education it seems like itís one of the better choices for me.

    Anyone in Voice, are they supportive? Anyone had good or bad experience with them?

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    I'm with them primarily because they are non-striking. The annual fee is around £70 if you work full-time. As I mentioned in another thread, when Unison went on strike, they sent fairly detailed advice on what would we should do when asked to cover work normally carried out by a striking colleague.

    They have been very quick to respond when I have asked a question. They also have arranged discounts on various things including airport parking. As I go away most school holidays, the savings pretty well cover the annual fee.

    Most of their output is geared towards teachers but I wouldn't expect them to focus on ICT Technicians.

    They haven't managed to get our LEA to cough up more pay but that puts them on a par with Unison etc.

    Hope this helps.

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