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General Chat Thread, Trip Switches in General; Every now and then a bulb goes causing the trip switch to go down. Its a pain in the a**e ...
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    Trip Switches

    Every now and then a bulb goes causing the trip switch to go down. Its a pain in the a**e but its one of those things. Just had an incident where a plug is literally on fire, flames the lot. Did the trip switch go off when you need it to? no....


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    Well, the thing is...

    The lamp failing taking the trip. Lamps tend to fail when the filament is cold and they draw excess current. To overcome this there are different types of MCB, commonly in the range A-C. Providing the earth loop is sufficiently low, the breaker could be changed to a type C to avoid nuisance tripping. The earth loop is a measure of how sensitive a breaker needs to be to disconnect a fault in an approved time.

    The plug NOT taking the trip. The socket the plug is connected to is probably protected by a 32A breaker. This equates to a lot of heat in a small space in the event of a fault. Your fire was probably caused by a loose connection (possibly in the socket) and the power involved was probably less than a third of the current the breaker is designed to trip at. This is why every bit of portable kit needs testing, and the infrastructure too!

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