Hi all,

Just thought I would post this as I am frustrated in my current role as IT Technician, and thinking of trying something different (i.e. non it specific). I have a Computing degree and teaching certificate and feel that a change is required, as I think the IT sector is too saturated with people.

I looked into microsoft certifications and even bought a book off Amazon and tried the old self study option, but quickly became bored reading a bible of a microsoft book. Any other people thought about doing something different? what is your advice? Do you think I should stick at it a while longer?

I have been looking into things like this > Health and Safety Executive | The Opportunity

and this > Career centre

But don't know what to do... I enjoy IT but I am hopeless at programming (which rules out 50% of IT jobs) I would like to break into the E-Learning field as I think this is a niche area what with governments target of every school having a VLE in place... Any advice?