's good friend Josie Fraser has annouced the first edubloggers conference...

Sounds like good event and us techies are invited as well...


Russell conference June 2nd 2006 London, UK.

The principle aim of the conference is to formalize and drive forward the existence of the UK edublogging community - a group of expert professionals from across the UK, many of who are already working with each other within an international context around the use of weblogs and associated web 2.0 technologies across education.

The conference is structured around two framework themes. These cut across the educational sectors and are crucial to life-long education provision that meets the needs and abilities of all learners. A provision that is vital in preparing the UK to participate creatively, technologically and economically on a global scale.

In particular, the themes will span:

1. Deployment of weblogs and related technologies within educational institutions and the learning and teaching environment: navigating risk (morning session);
2. Blogging as community practice: impact of weblogs on current and future Personal Learning Environments (afternoon session).

These will be scrutinised in terms of infrastructure and technical implementation; applied pedagogy: policy and institutional strategy; training, support and development; e-safety; and literacy in a digital age.

The attendees will be working together to create expert community responses to questions relating to the use of weblogs and associated technologies within educational institutions. They will also explore current and potential uses for weblogs within personal learning landscape scenarios.

Participants will work on practical examples of generic model policies, case studies and advice for supporting learners of all ages for the institutions affected by these topics. It is envisaged that the conference will provide an excellent starting point for developing sector specific resources, research and identifying expertise and working groups.

There is currently a thriving Web 2.0 community of experts developing in the UK. However, generalist e-learning and ILT events continue to focus (if at all) on introductory level demonstrations and workshops. Advanced practitioners are not well supported, although unofficial networks and collaborative projects are taking place. This event gives people working in an educational context familiar with web 2.0 technologies the opportunity to meet and develop their ideas, and to contribute their expertise to the creation of the material outputs.

Participants will come from across the sector and spectrum of ILT: technicians, developers, managers, administrators, educational technologists, policy makers, researchers, academics and teachers – working with all age groups in a broad variety of settings.

Please register your interest in attending as soon as possible. Your email should include your name, contact details, and where applicable your blog name and url. Please title the header The event will be free to attend.